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Restless vols 1 & 2 (Dan Hauss, 2010) -- two DVDs

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In 2010, Dan hauss released a three DVD's under the umbrella title Restless -- a reference to his restless creativity, and that he thinks up a lot of innovative magic plats when he is having trouble sleeping  :-)      This listing is for TWO of the three DVDs (Volumes #1 and #2 -- no volume #3 included).   Even though you only get 2 out of 3, that ain't bad (as Meatloaf would say).    There is a lot of very interesting magic on these discs.

At the end of each DVD, Hauss has a section where he talks about being more of a creator, rather than a performer.   Frankly, it would have been better for him to put this section at the front of each DVD, because as you watch him demonstrate and teach his effects, it is pretty painful -- he handles cards and props clumsily, and has only the most rudimentary presentations when you see him performing for lay audiences.   

But if you look past his lack of technical ability and poor presentations, you see he has created some really cool and innovative effects.    And while some of them are clever gimmicks in search of an effect, Hauss usually starts with an effect in mind, and then comes up with the method.  This leads to some very neat stuff.

Favorites of mine on these DVDs would be: Blurred (where you cause a spectator's eyesight to become temporarily blurry as she looks at a water bottle), Unmatched (where an empty matchbook instantly becomes filled with matches); Hello my Card is (where a spectators signed card ends up stuck behind your Paper name tag); Jumping Jacks, (a cool finish for a sandwich effect, where the two Jacks instantly and visually change places with the selected card); Laced (where a spectator's chosen card ends up threaded to your shoelace).

Unmatched is a good example of how one needs to see beyond Hauss's demonstration -- when you watch him demo this effect, you think it is impractical and downright bad.  but then another magician friend of his performs it, and suddenly it is very clear that Unmatched can and does look REALLY good in the right hands.       So if you buy these DVDs, you should be prepared to work on the tricks, find your own handlings of the effect and gimmicks.   For the magician who likes to work out his own handlings, Hauss provides you with some wonderful effects to do so.

The typical retail of these DVDs is about $30-$35 each.  But you can pay a lot less in this eBay fixed price sale!

CONDITION NOTES:  previously owned and viewed -- but in like new condition, with authentic original DVDs and cases/labels.  


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