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READ and WALSH, Two Street Scams (3 shell /3 card)

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Here are TWO excellent books on the two most famous street gambling scams:  the Three Shell Game and the Three Card Monte.   (Beware any game where you have three choices, I guess!)    Whether you want to work up a routine for one (or both) of these effects, or whether you simply want to know more about them, and use this knowledge to enhance other gambling-based magical routines, I am sure you will find lots of good info and patter possibilities in the covers of these two booklets.

The Three Shell Game, edited by Ralph Read, originally published by Kanter's Magic in 1938.  (This edition was published in 1975 by Lee Grey).    58 pages filled with moves as well as full routines for the pea and shells game.     Really an excellent booklet -- contains just about everything you need to know about the three shell game!

Three Card Monte (John Scarne explains why you can't win!) by Audley Walsh.  Originally published in the 1930's, when Scarne was often employed by the government to inform the public about gambling scams.    (This edition is a recent D Robbins reprint, dated 1972, but probably a print run from the 1990's).    46 pages with black and white photo illustrations.     Great info in this book, including some detailed throw sequences, but also inside scoops on how the real con artists used confederates, and the slang phrases and terminology (which is gold for anyone looking to add some lingo to their gambling routines!)

You get BOTH books in this lot.     New and not previously owned -- from an old dealer inventory closeout. 

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