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BAUMANN, Milestone in Coin Magic (1981 Tannens 1st ed.)

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One of the more important "new wave" of coin books that began to emerge in the late 1970's and early 1980's.   Although Fred C. Baumann was not a particularly well-known magician (as he was not a full time pro, but a very gifted "amateur"), he had a number of effects appear in Apocalypse, and published a couple of excellent coin books (of which this is one of them).

This book is recommended for coin workers who don't mind practicing because the routines are all built on sleight of hand.   Baumann spends the early pages of the book teaching a number of good utility sleights and giving his takes on a couple of classic sleights from Bobo.    He also goes into Sleeving techniques -- which were under utilized then and continue to be, but Baumann teaches some routines that may get you interested in this powerful magical weapon. 

Lots of line drawings illustrate the moves well, though they seem crudely rendered now, in the post-RK period.  (that is, post-Richard Kaufmann)   We've grown accustomed to a higher quality of magical illustrations, but the ones in this book still do the job nicely.

94 pages, this 1981 Tannens 1st edition is new and in MINT condition.   (it is from new-old dealer inventory)

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