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Half & Half 2 (Daryl, circa 1990s) -- optical illusion magic

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In the 1980's, Daryl released a trick called Half and Half, which used two different playing card values that were printed on two different business cards -- after some simple folding of the cards, they were unfolded to show that half of each playing card was now printed on each of the business cards -- sort of a half transposition effect.

Im the early 1990's, Daryl re-visited the Half & Half plot, and made it much better -- using a black and white graphic of arrows that has an optical illusion quality.  (It is reminiscent of something the artist M.C. Esher might have drawn)     He called this one HALF AND HALF 2 -- he did not spend much time on the name apparently, but the trick itself is excellent.

 One business card has arrows going up and down, and one has arrows going side to side.   The cards are placed together and folded, and when unfolded, each card is now a Half and Half card.  Because of the optical illusion quality of the graphics, the spectators can actually be convinced that they never really saw the separate arrow directions on the cards.  The effect is very puzzling and will leave the spectators not just feeling magical amazement, but also maybe that they cannot trust their own eyes.

The cards are blank on the back, so could be imprinted with your contact info.  The set comes with about 25 cards (as you will "use" a couple each time you perform).  But Daryl also included permission (if you buy the effect) to have the necessary designs printed on the back of your own business cards.    Most printers can do this for you if you give them a few of the cards.

Daryl stopped selling Half and Half 2 in the early 2000's after he moved to Las Vegas.    This item is from new-old dealer stock, so it is in brand new and unused condition, despite being at least 20 years old.   Complete as issued with original instructions.

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