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Bongo Monster Hat -- available again

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Originally made by Supreme back in the 1970's and 1980s, and then by Hank Lee for a while in the 1990s, and then for 20 years...  no one was making Ali Bongo's wonderful, fun kidshow prop.   But Sam Dalal's company now has the rights to re-make a lot of the old Supreme items, and they are supplying this faithful version of the classic.

The effect is less magic than just fun, though the changes of the hat do seem more and more improbable to the kids.  You have a young helper on stage, and say that he needs a magic hat.  So you show a small blue paper folded hat.   It seems a bit small, so you unfold it a bit, and it becomes a yellow polka dotted hat, slightly bigger.   This is a better fit, but....   "What's that?  You don't like yellow?" you hear the child say.  So you unfold it again, and now it is a fairly large red striped hat.  This goes on the child's head, and slides down completely covering it.   More by-play and unfolding, to show a giant green hat, that almost covers the entire child, hanging down to his waist.   And you turn the hat around (while not lifting it from the child's head, and there is a green monster face!    (I usually take the giant hat off the child's head and put it on myself , then turn it around, so that I am the one who gets the monster gag.  But you can play it either way!)

The prop is very close to the original Supreme ones from decades ago.  The graphics are nicely done, and the hat is made of Tyvek or some other durable non-tear paper.   

If you do kidshows, and you do not have a BONGO HAT, now is your chance to get the prop you could never find for decades. 

(NOTE:  the photos show THREE hats, in varying stages of unfolded-ness.  You get ONE hat, which is all you need to perform the routine.)

Brand new and unused with complete instructions.  

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