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Xpresso -- easy signed card to card case

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 This routine is simple, straight-forward and very impactful.   It looks just like this:

A card is selected, and a sticker is put on its face -- the spectator places here initials on the sticker.   The card is turned facedown and cleanly slid into a red envelope, which is then placed on the table and under the spectator's hand.     Now the four kings are taken from the deck.  The spectators can see without doubt that the cards are all Kings and that there are only four cards.  The Kings are placed into the card case, which is placed on the table and under the spectator's other hand.   After a few magical words from the magician, the spectator lifts her hands.  The red envelope is opened and clearly seen to be empty.     The card box is opened and the cards tipped out.   The spectator's signed selection is there, reversed in the center of the four kings.   

There is a bonus routine that Normansell teaches, to use the same gimmick envelope for a design duplication effect.  This one is not as good (in my opinion) as the the card effect, but it did get me thinking about other uses for the Xpresso envelope and concept.

This trick was introduced about 10 years ago, but never got widespread notice, probably because it was pretty expensive for what you got.  (The retail price was $35-$40 and although the effect is very clean and strong, you only got a few envelopes, some stickers and one gaffed card.)    

But I just got some of these at a great close-out price, so I am pricing this at a much, much, much better price!   

Brand new and unused, authentic Magic World UK product.  -- not just a poor copy of the video files that some sellers list.    This comes with the instruction DVD, plus the necessary gimmicked card to match your Bicycle deck, a supply of stickers, and the gimmicked envelope.  Also comes with a couple of extra red envelopes, so you can replace your gimmicked envelope should you lose it or wear it out.  (Though it will last forever if you don't abuse it)

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