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On the Case (JB Magic) -- funny, magical card reveal

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One of my favorite novelty card revelations, because it has lots of room for comedy, but also is highly deceptive and yet, very easy to do.    This item has not been available from JB Magic for a number of years (at least 7-8 years as of this writing in 2020), and so I was happy top come across one that I could offer to my TMGS customers. 

After a card (the five of hearts) is selected by one spectator, the magician takes out his glasses case, and shows that although it is blank on the back of the case, the front includes its own "eye test chart".    He hands the case to another spectator, asks her to hold it at arms length and read the various letters on the case.   (They are random letters in varying sizes -- fun can be had with this mock-testing, especially if the performance venue is one where some drinking has been going on!)   This mock-test is not only fun, but serves to let the spectator realize this case is apparently "normal".  Then you take back the case and open it, removing a pair of glasses.     The glasses can be put on the spectator and she can try to read your mind, etc.   (More opportunity for fun!)   She then tries to read the mind of the spectator who selected the card...unsuccessfully.   So you comment that perhaps her eyes need testing while wearing the special glasses.  Pick up the glasses case, and have her read the letters again.  This time they spell the words "The selected card is the" and then you turn the case over to show the Five of Hearts is now on the back. 

Only one case is used, and it is ingeniously made to switch itself from one design to another.   Although this type of color-changing pencil case was popular with school kids about a decade ago, this one draws little or no suspicion because it is very nicely made and in the context of a glasses case, does not seem to create any association with those cheap plastic pencil cases from years ago.     Besides, the entertainment of the routine and the revelation of the selected card further elevate this one far beyond a simple novelty.

No glasses are included.  Use any pair that will allow the spectator to still see the case when she needs to see the revelation.  (I use a cool pair of hologram glasses with crazy eyes when I perform this one, but find any pair of novelty glasses to suit your own style.) 

This is new-old dealer inventory, like new and unused.   Hard to find this one anymore.   Here's your chance.

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