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Color Blind (Gordon Bean) -- off-color out-of-this-world

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Necessity is the mother of invention, they say.  In magic, often (it seems) novelty is the mother of invention.   I am guessing that Gordon Bean came across this very colorful novelty deck of cards (which has four different colors for the four different suits), and so he started playing around with how to create a magic trick with it.

Luckily for us, he came up with a pretty good trick.  Or rather a pretty good version of one of card magic's greatest tricks -- Paul Curry's Out of this World.

This routine progresses pretty much like other OOTW routines -- the spectator is dealing cards into separate piles, apparently trying to separate the red cards from the black cards.   However, when the two of the piles are turned up, they contain a mix of red and black cards.   The magi appears pleased, in spite of this -- why?  Because he now shows the remaining cards in the other piles are all blue and green suited cards.  (see photo)

Although a really fun routine for "in-the-know" magicians, the surprising blue and green pips make this also a very strong and memorable routine for lay audiences.    

I found the instructions a bit hard to follow, so had to read them three times before it "clicked" in my head what I was supposed to be doing with the cards.   Other than this learning curve, the routine is very easy to perform.

New and unused.   NOTE:  the deck I now have in stock is RED backed -- otherwise looks the same as the photo, but Red backed, not blue backed

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