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Deep Guilt Aces (Regal) -- spectator cuts to all four

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There are many methods for Spectator Cuts to the Aces, and many can be accomplished with a regular deck and some sleight of hand.   (I have performed Surprise Aces from Card Calvalcade for over 40 years, for example).    But in all of the normal deck versions, the magician must handle the cards at some point, and often at multiple points, during the effect.

Although Deep Guilt Aces is a gaffed deck version, it is very impressive for lay audiences, because it is very true to the original "Spectator Cuts the Aces card problem"  -- because the deck is shown to be well mixed, it is set in front of the spectator, and she cuts it into four approximately equal piles.  The top card of each pile is shown to be an Ace.   Magician never handles the deck -- in fact, the spectator can turn up the Aces herself.

Indifferent cards are seen throughout the routine.   It is about as close to the original specifications for the effect as one can get.    There is some relatively easy "spectator management" involved in the routine, so that she cuts the deck the way you need her to cut it.   But otherwise, the effect is basically self-working because it truly happens competely out of the magi's hands.

The cut aces can (and should be) used for a follow up Ace packet effect, like Daley's Aces or Twisting the Aces.  This gives you a chance to put the rest of the (gaffed) deck in your pocket and later you can bring out a regular deck, re-insert the four aces and be clean as a whistle.

New and unused. 

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