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HARTMAN, Card Dodgery (hardcover, 2012, 1st ed)

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CARD DODGERY  by J. K. HARTMAN  (2012 1st edition, Vanishing, Inc. publ.  Hardbound) 

New, Mint Condition.  283 pages.    

Among writers of books on Card Magic, JK Hartman is one of the most prolific and consistent, with over 45 years of output, and always interesting and inventive, as well as practical and commercial.   I am sure I am forgetting someone, but comparable card magic writers would be Nick Trost, Phil Goldstein, Jon Racherbaumer, and of course, Ed Marlo.

Quite simply put:  if you are serious about card magic, you should have everything that JK Hartman has published.

Card Dodgery was to be his last book (but a couple years later, he couldn't help himself, and put out another book called Card Devilry, which is now his last book.  (We'll see how long that "lasts"!)

Dodgery contains about 50 effects, and is divided into sections on discoveries, poker routines, mental card effects, etc.  It is a nicely produced book, with great illustrations.   Check out the photos of the contents (and all the sleights taught in the course of learning the routines, too!)

I won't say too much, other than what I have said above -- if you know Hartman's other work, you will not be disappointed.  If you don't know Hartman, but love card magic, you will not be disappointed.

This book has become very hard to find now, because those who managed to get this book for their library... well, they are not selling it.     But here is ONE that I have, and it is for sale.   Not inexpensive, but like most out-of-print Hartman books, it is much sought after, and much coveted.

Brand new, mint condition 

PS check our other listings for other Hartman books.   :-)

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