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Special Delivery (David Regal) -- easy signed card to envelope

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David Regal is one of those creative magicians that I always trust will put out practical, effective, commercial stuff.  (Because as an owner of many, many of his marketed effects, and all his books, I find he is highly consistent at accomplishing the above!)    

Special Delivery is no exception.  It is an overlooked gem -- I am amazed that every magician does not perform this trick regularly.   Because all though most magicians do some version of signed card to impossible location (wallet, shoe, etc), Special Delivery takes the effect one step further -- because the location where the signed card appears is sitting in plain sight before you even have the card chosen.     Add to this, the fact that it requires no palming, and you have a real "worker".

It looks like this:   A stack of about half a dozen windowed envelopes is set on the table by the spectator.  Next you allow a card to be freely chosen from a deck, and signed.  You lose the card back in the deck with a few cuts and shuffles.  Then you draw the spectators attention to the envelopes.   Ask her to pick up the top one and examine it.   She does, finding nothing suspicious.   You take the envelope from her, and ask her to look at the next one in the stack.  Again, nothing suspicious.  You take that one from her.  She picks up oine more envelope, and as she lifts it, she can see the next envelope down has a card inside (visible through the window).   You pick up the envelope with the card in it, and you show that it is actually sealed with a small sticker.    And yet there is a card (back outward) showing through the window.   You loosen the sticker, open the flap, and SLOWLY pull the card out of the envelope.   The empty envelope is shown and set aside.   She names her card, and of course, the card in the envelope is shown to be that signed card!

The slow extraction from the envelope is very cool, for those who know the Marlo card from cardbox extraction move that must be done fairly rapidly.   The entire presentation is very well-thought out, with the right misdirective moments and strong psychological elements.

The envelopes can be used over and over, though they are just envelopes and so will wear out after some time.  But Regal provides clear instructions on how to construct another gimmick when you need one.  (It is not hard!)    And you can customize the gimmick to any back design/back color that you prefer.

Brand new, with instructions.

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