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Gaff Caps (Jared Hansen) -- bottle cap card reveals

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If you perform in bars or at parties where beer is free-flowing, Gaff Caps is a perfect add-on to your repertoire.    It is a set of 12 specially designed bottle caps, which can be used to reveal chosen cards.   (Four of the 12 bottle caps are duplicates, I guess in case you lose one?   So really you get EIGHT different cap designs.)

The photo pretty much tells the story.   Someone is drinking a Bud Light, and you have them choose a card (the 8 of Clubs) and then you magically change the writing on the cap from "Bud Light" to "Clubs Eight".    Or you change "Heineken" to "Eight of Hearts", etc.

The DVD that comes with the caps teaches a number of different changes -- spellbound style, on top of the bottle, in the spectators hands, etc.     There are a few different routines, to vary how you use the caps, and of course, the variety of caps to match the beer (or a couple of soda pops -- Sprite and Coca Cola) that is imbibed by your audience.

The magical effect (though simple to magicians) is absolutely killer for lay audiences -- they love when a normal everyday object is magically transformed, and the fact that it reveals their chosen card.... well, that's icing on the cake!

I find that most spectator's want to keep the cap, which of course they can't, unless you want to give away all your caps...   So after they look at it, I usually either cause the special cap to disappear, or I do a shuttle switch back to the regular cap, and hand them that as a souvenir.   When they see that it has changed back to "normal", I tell them the law requires me to change it back to the registered trademark after the trick  :-)     

 (And for any really big tipping spectator, you do have those four extra duplicates, so maybe it is worth actually giving one away!)

Brand new with DVD and 12 gaff caps.

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