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Lottery Ball Prediction (Alakazam) --great props

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This close-up prediction effect has so much going for it...   It uses a prop deck which looks like something you might actually find in the real world.  The deck is apparently a game for Lotto players, to let them randomly generate numbers to play in the big lottery drawing.    (Because as everybody knows, using random numbers will be much more likely to hit the jackpot than if you use your birthday, address, phone number, etc.    You believe that, right?)     The deck even comes with a "Game rules" card that guides the spectator through the random-izing process -- this is the same process they follow during the performance of the trick!

I also like this routine because predicting Lotto numbers is something that we all get asked about when we are performing other mental magic.   It is a context that has real-world emotional appeal for lay audiences.   So now you CAN predict the lotto numbers that will be randomly chosen from the deck.

The effect:  you show a Lotto Game deck, which consist of 52 numbered "ball" cards.  You also show a prediction and set it aside.   The deck is mixed and then the spectator random-izes it by dealing the deck into seven piles, then eliminating all but one of the piles, and then using the six cards in that pile.   (This sounds like a lot of dealing, but you have a logical patter during the deal out -- that this is the card deck equivalent of the lotto balls being shuffled around in the big bin).    As each pile is eliminated, the spectator sees different looto ball number values, until they arrive at just the final six numbers.   (And no equivoque is used -- it is all very straight-forward and above-board).    In the end, the six number on the chosen "ball cards" are an exact match for your prediction of six numbers.

Because the ball cards have different colors, you can also predict the colors of the balls (cards) chosen.   But just predicting six lotto numbers is a 1 in 14 million shot, so why push it?  :-)

Comes with an extra stand up routine by Peter Nardi that is taught on the DVD.    

Brand new and unused, with deck and instructional DVD

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