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Bill Tube -- Brass with Screw Top

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Beautiful apparatus and stunning effect.  

A borrowed bill is marked and placed into an envelope.   The envelope is sealed and handed to the lender "for safe keeping".    A small  fabric draw string bag s removed from the magician's jacket pocket or his close-up case.  The magician hands it to the lender, in exchange for the sealed envelope, which he immediately sets on fire!   Once it has burned, the spectator is asked to open the drawstring bag.  Inside he finds a gleaming brass tube, which is tightly sealed with a screw-top cap.   The spectator unscrews the cap, which takes a while, as the cap must be turned almost 20 times before the cap will come off.  As the spectator is engaged in this, the magi re-iterates that he has not touched the bag or tube since the bill was burned.   Yet, when the spectator looks inside the brass tube, there is his marked bill.  

The envelope burning is just one way to present this.  Other ways would be to vanish the bill wrapped in a hanky, or to change it into a blank piece of paper (if you know the $100 bill switch handling).    After these vanishes/changes, you reach into your jacket pocket and bring out the tube.

You can use the tube with or without the drawstring bag, but I find it is no harder to perform with the bag and it gives you an extra moment of mystery before the brass tube comes into sight.

This method of the bill tube is similar to (but quite different) from the classic style tube with the cross bar and lock.   The deep threading of the screw top requires 18 full turns to remove the lid, and so the audience knows it would take just as long to screw the lid on.   So although the tube is not "locked" (as in the classic version), it still seems as impenetrable.    

I also find that the streamlined design of the tube (with no bulky lock attached) makes it less cumbersome to carry in the pocket.   And it looks more "normal" in my opinion (at least, as normal as a bill tube can look).  

With some thought and imagination, you may find ways to use this tube for mental magic predictions.    The tube is 4 inches long.

Brand new with instructions for the basic bill to tube routine.  ($20 bill shown in the photo is NOT included, but you knew that, right?) 

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