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Neo-Mix (Jim Krenz) -- mixed-up climax oil & water

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Jim Krenz (like so many magicians, myself included) was drawn to the Oil and Water card effect, and like most of us, he also wanted this very strong effect to have a better ending.  Many magicians have tried to find ways to "end" the Oil and Water routine on a high note, and there have been a few good ideas.  But Krenz may very well have come up with the best.   A great ending for a magic trick not only heightens the mystery, but clearly communicates that the routine has come to an end.  Neo-Mix does just that.

The magician removes eight cards from his deck -- four red spot cards and four black spot cards.    PHASE #1 -- The cards are put into two facedown piles, and a card is taken from each pile in turn to create one "intermixed" pile of eight red-black alternating cards.  Then very cleanly the top four cards are removed and shown to be all red.  The bottom four are shown to be all black.    PHASE # 2 --This mixing and separating effect is repeated again.     PHASE #3 -- Now the magi asks the spectator to pick up the card box, examine it, and the eight cards are fanned faceup to clearly show flour reds on top of four blacks.  Without any tricky or suspicious moves, the fan is closed and slipped into the empty card box.   The spectator shakes the box, and the magi then removes the cards, fanning them again -- they are now inter-mixed, red-black, red-black!     The packet is squared and the magi now moves into the climactic PHASE #4  -- With the packet between his palms, the magician goves them a really good shaking.  He then deals the cards faceup onto the table (showing the back of each card as he does), and the faces are all mixed up as in the photo.   "I guess I shook too hard!"

The Oil and Water routine that Krenz teaches is very good, but as he points out, the Neo-Mix climax can be incoporated into almost any Oil and Water routine.  So if you have your own favorite methods and handlings of this classic, you will find it easy to incorporate Neo-Mix into your own routine.    

When originally released (way back in the early 1990's), Neo-Mix came with printed instructions and also included one more PHASE, in which the cards are mixed faceup, very cleanly and almost instantly separate.  It is a good phase, but required an extra gimmick, so I guess when this new version was re-released, Krenz opted to simplify and leave out this very impressive part of the original routine.   Since I happen to have the original instructions, I will include a photo copy so you can decide if you want to add the legendary "lost PHASE" to your handling.

 The routine requires a couple of extra gimmicked cards which the manufacturer assumes that all magicians will have (so they do not include them!)  You probably do have them, but I'll include them also, so you will have no delay in trying out this effect.  

Comes with custom printed Neo-Mix cards, and online instructions.  Plus bonus gimmicked cards and photocopy of the original Krenz Neo Mix routine with one extra phase

Brand new.

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