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Sponge Hearts set of five - - RED

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Add some love to your closeup sponge ball routine... Here is a set of FIVE red sponge Hearts, that you can do all your standard sponge routines with, but it will set them apart with an emotional hook!

Or change a ball into a heart. At the end of the routine, the spectator ends up with a ball in their hand. "I see you are having a BALL!" You open your hand to show the star..."I guess that's why I have your heart!" (okay, you don't have to use it!)

Another idea that springs to mind: show one heart and tear it into two!  "You broke my heart!" (Okay, you don't have to use it, either!)   Or go the other way.  Two hearts become one!     

Or do the classic two in the hand and one in the pocket effect -- when done with Hearts, it represents a love triangle where the two true lovers try to lose the third wheel!  

These great little sponge Hearts will trigger lots of ideas in the mind of the imaginative magician.  They have a lot of charisma!   

Each heart is a bit more than 1.5 inches from the point to the top of the humps -- the playing card box (not included) is in the photo so you can see the scale of the stars.  

No instructions with the set, so you should be familiar with basic sponge ball moves and routines...   You get FIVE red Hearts in this set.

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