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Traffic Light Rope -- colorful sucker effect

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A three color rope is shown to the kiddies.   You ask them what the colors remind them of, and after whatever answers come, you help them see it is just like the traffic lights at the intersection.   Red for stop, yellow for caution, and green for go.  (Take a moment to teach them a few safety tips about walking near busy intersections.)   Then the rope is held sideways, as you show them the red is on the right hand side.   Bunch up the rope and pass it behind your back, and then bring it out front again.   Stretch it out, and now the red is on the left side, the green is on the right!    The kids will probably catch on immediately, but repeat the behind the back thing, and now show the red is back on the right side of the rope.   Repeat a few times with the kids screaming that you are switching ends etc.  But the last time you stretch out the rope, the red section has jumped into the middle!

 The trick is easy to do, but does take some practice in handling the ropes (and doing the secret move the final time) behind your back without awkwardness.  But you will get the knack of it with a little practice.   

Brand new with instructions.

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