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Supermarket Psychic -- grocery divination/prediction

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This is a simple divination of a freely chosen grocery item, using five cards with common items depicted on one side and a generic (identical) UPC bar code on the back.   As sold by the manufacturer, the routine and instructions are very basic, but if you buy this from us, we'll include a BONUS -- instructions for an extended routine that has a funny prediction finale.

Magi shows five cards, each one depicting a commonly purchased grocery item.  The cards are turned item side downward, and mixed.  The back of each card has a UPC bar code, but all the codes are identical so they do not seem to convey any information about what product is on the other side of the card.   (They are really identical, and don't give away anything -- but after the trick is over, your audience will be convinced that these identical UPC codes have something to do with the method!)   

 After the cards are mixed, the spectator removes one and places it facedown into a simple vinyl holder -- the holder is opaque on one side, and clear on the other -- so that only the UPC bar code is visible through the clear side of the folder.   The magi uses his magic UPC bar code scanner (his finger) to read the bar code, and he correctly names the freely chosen product on the other side of the card.   This can be repeated as much as you want. 

For the finale (explained in our extra Bonus TMGS instruction sheet), the spectator chooses a random number and uses it to choose four of the cards.   These four items represent what he brought home from the grocery store.   The unchosen card is (for example) the can of beans.    But his wife says "Didn't you see my note?"    Turning the vinyl card holder over, there is a post-it note stuck to it that says,  "Don't forget to buy BEANS!"

The method is simple, but the effect is surprisingly strong on lay audiences.

Cards are printed on thin stiff cardboard -- not as high quality board as playing cards, but they look good and work well for performance

Brand new with instructions, plus bonus TMGS routine.

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