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Wire Gram (large) -- eight of diamonds

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After a card is selected (the 8 of diamonds), a piece of wire is shown, and can be examined.   It is wrapped around the finger, straightened, bent, etc to show that it is normal.  Then the wire is heated, either with an open flame from a lighter, or by dipping it into a cup of coffee, and the wire visually changes its shape to show a Diamond and an Eight.   (see picture)

By the way, it's self contained, based on some magical science, so not switches or sleights to cause the wire to change.  Just one sleight to force the 8 of Diamonds (by your favorite they say.)    Only uses the one wire.   You can see two of the wires in the photo -- one is bunched up and one is showing the card values after being heated.

After about a minute of letting the wire cool down, your can stretch it out again, wind it up, and you are ready to show it to another audience. 

Brand new with instructions.

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