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The Sign (Liam Montier) --sure-fire astrological prediction

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Nothing particular new in this excellent effect, but it puts some well-known methods into a very commercial and engaging Astrology context.    Liam Montier has taken a great move of Marlo's, which Trost routined into a modern classic, and added a dash of insight from Peter Nardi.  The result is an easy, practical method for predicting anyone's star sign, with fishing or funny stuff.  

Magi shows a neat set of Zodiac sign cards.  He shows that all 12 signs are there, and then asks the spectator what her sign is.  She points to (for example) Taurus.   The magi shows the other 11 cards front and back, revealing only blue backs.   The Taurus card is turned facedown, and it has a RED back.

Anyone who has spent any time learning card magic, and who thinks about my name-checks to Trost and Marlo, can probably figure out how this routine is structured and done.   But you still should buy this, because the Zodiac cards are beautifully made, and handle perfectly for the necessary sleight/subtelty that makes it all possible.  

Easy to do, resets in full view.  This is strong magic that laymen love.  Done with a nice set of props that do not fell like just another card trick (even though, in essence, it is!)

One complaint:  to access the online instructions, you need to sign up your email at the Alakazam website.  That goes against my grain, so I'll include a one page "how to" in case you (like me) don't think you should have to give away your email just to learn how to do the trick you already paid for!    If you watch Liam Montier's performance video online, and use my instruction sheet, you will be set.  And you can maintain your privacy  :-)

Brand new with online instructions, plus the extra TMGS printed "convenience" instruction sheet.

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