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Blindsight (Devin Knight) -- mental choice on steroids!

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I'm a fan of Devin Knight's offerings -- they are typically well-thought out, well-explained, and pack a punch for lay audiences of mental magic.   Blindsight fits this description also. 

I called it Mental Choice on Steroids in the headline, so let me explain -- like the classic Mental Choice effect (which is still a real fooler for laymen, though most magicians think it is too simple and "beginning magic", but I digress...)   Like the classic Mental Choice effect, Blindsight involves a prediction of a choice the spectator makes.  but it amps up the mental mystery, by starting first with a demonstration of matching four colors to their proper envelopes.  Then it uses the prediction effect as a kicker.

Magi shows four colored cards, and four envelopes.  The cards are placed into the envelopes and these are mixed.  The spectator now guesses which color is in each envelope, and the name is written on the face of the envelope.  One envelope is then chosen and set aside.  the other three are opened to show the spectator guessed all the colors correctly in those three envelopes.  And of course the fourth envelope will also be correct -- it has to be.  So instead of a minor anti-climax here, Knight adds the prediction effect -- revealing a prediction that says "You will set aside the Blue envelope".

Very detailed instructions (16 pages) and seems complicated at first (maybe) but it really is not -- Knight takes time to explain everything.   Just be prepared to read!

Good stuff!  If you don't trust my opinion (but you really should), look at the testimonials in the photo of the instruction sheet.  Those guys know their stuff.    This should cost more!

vintage item, previously owned, but in very good condition and complete as issued.  Instructions explain how to prepare the props, and these envelopes, etc have already been prepared by previous owner.

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