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CURRY, Power of Concentration (80s Tannen edition)

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POWER OF CONCENTRATION by Paul Curry     (paperback stapled, mint condition) 1980's Tannens edition        6 pages, plus two pages of illustrations.

This booklet was originally published in 1947.  This is an undated 1980's reprint came from Tannens.

I love performing this effect, yes for lay audiences, but especially for other magicians -- I get a wonderful weird satisfaction to see them completely perplexed and baffled by an (almost) moveless card trick that was invented over 70 years ago.

The booklet details only one trick, but what a trick!

Pretend that this is not a booklet being sold, but a brand new card effect by the hot new magician of the month.  The effect goes like this:

Magician places to cased decks on the table -- one red, one blue.   The spectator picks one up (let's say she picks red), and you hand the other (blue) deck to another spectator to hold.   The first spectator fans the deck toward herself, and she thinks of any card in the pack.  She places the deck facedown on the table, and the magician points out that every card in the red deck has a duplicate card in the blue deck (which the second spectator still holds).   "Somewhere in the blue deck is a duplicate of your card, though no one knows where.   We will deal down one card at a time, simultaneously, in each deck, but first, lets make it obvious where your card lies in the red deck, so I cannot possibly do anything tricky.   The magician spreads the faceup red deck, and the spectator points out her card, which is turned sideways, so it extends from the squared deck, remaining in full view and visible as the deck is squared and placed facedown on the table.      Now the second spectator and first spectator each turn cards faceup from their decks, dealing down until they reach the red selection, sideways in the deck.   No cards dealt have matched, and yet...   When the thought of card is turned faceup, the card at that position in the blue deck is turned up and it matches!   No other cards before or after match.  Only the selected card.

Note:  the magi does not do the dealing, and he never touches the blue deck after he gives it to the spectator to hold.  The card selected is a completely free choice.    And the only "move" is a simple and subtle action which appears completely natural.

If that effect was being released and sold as a stand-alone mental memory trick, how much would it cost?    $20?  Maybe $30, if it came with a DVD to teach you (even though it is easily learned from the pages of a book)     

 Well, this booklet costs a lot less than $20.   So what are you waiting for?

New, in MINT condition, with no marks or damage

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