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ANNEMANN, Strange Secrets (1983 Robbins reprint)

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THE INCORPORATED STRANGE SECRETS by Theo. Annemann    (paperback stapled, mint condition) 1983  D. Robbins reprint       19 pages.

This book was originally published in 1939 by Max Holden.  This is a 1983 reprint came from D. Robbins.

If you have read other Annemann book listings among our TMGS offerings, then you already know I think everyone should read everything by Annemann.   This is another of his thin (but value-packed, important) booklets.

This booklet does not have a Table of Contents, so I cannot show you a photo list of everything in the book.  But there are eleven effects which will get you thinking , and that you will find valuable either as performance pieces, or as jumping off points for your own variations and creations.

Pretend that this is not a book being sold, but a brand new mental card effect by a hot new magician of the month.  The effect goes like this:

A borrowed deck is shuffled by the spectator, who then cuts off about 15 or 20 cards and hands them to you.   You claim that you will memorize all these cards, handed to you at random from a shuffled borrowed deck.  You run through the cards, committing them to memory -- this takes about 30-45 seconds.   Then you hand the cards back to the spectator, and she shuffles them again, and removes any card and hands you back the rest of the cards.  "Because I memorized all the cards, I just need to look through them and find which one is missing to know the card you kept".    Again, you run through the cards for about 30-45 seconds, and then name a card.  It is the one the she holds.

If that effect was being released and sold as a stand-alone mental memory trick, how much would it cost?    $20?  Maybe $30, if it came with a DVD to teach you (even though it is easily learned from the pages of a book)     

 Well, it is just one of eleven in this booklet.   And the booklet costs a lot less than $20.   So what are you waiting for?

New, in MINT condition, with no marks or damage 

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