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OVETTE, Tricks and Illusionettes (1982 D. Robbins reprint)

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TRICKS AND ILLUSIONETTES by The Great Ovette (Joseph Ovette)        (paperback stapled, mint condition) 1982  D. Robbins reprint         30 pages.

This book was originally published in 1944 and then reprinted a few times until the 1980's, when this 1982 reprint came from D. Robbins.

In the 1970's when I started in magic, I was so intrigued by the word "Illusionettes" -- I remember seeing it in the title of this book in one of my magic catalogues, and also MAK Magic often used the same "illusionette" term when describing their very cool looking props.   I also remember using it in my shows -- I was presenting the MAK "Hand Cremation" and I proudly told the audience it was an "illusionette".   (What I lacked in good sense as a young performer, I made up in charm and charisma)    :-)

Well, here's that same book that so intrigued me, albeit a slightly newer reprint than I would have bought in the 1970's had I realized that books were probably a better investment than cool looking props.  It details a baker's dozen (13) nifty "illusionettes" which a magician who is handy with tools and woodworking could make up and use -- or just enjoy the fun of looking at these stage magic methods from 60-75 years ago.

(NOTE:  Among the many hand-drawn illustrations is a picture of a rabbit being pulled out of a box by its ears.  This is not good.  Do not do this.)

Look at the photo of the Contents, and example pages to get a sense of the format.

New, in MINT condition, with no marks or damage 

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