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KARDYRO, The Routine Supreme (1963, 2nd ed.)

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THE ROUTINE SUPREME by Tony Kardyro  (paper staple bound, very good condition, Regow's House of Enchantment, publisher) 1963 edition.   12 pages    

Originally published in 1941, this booklet was again re-published by Regow's Magic House in 1963.  That's the edition for sale here.  The booklet is "new" in that it is from dealer inventory, never previously owned or "used", but it does show some smudges and evidence of shop-wear on the cover and around the edges.

The booklet teaches five different effects using the same gimmicked card, which you can easily make up and add to your favorite deck.   What is old is new again, and I can see someone using this material to fool the heck out of his fellow magi at the next club meeting.  Kardyro uses the gimmick in clever ways to get multiple effects from it.

I particularly like the one where the spectator cuts a packet of cards from the deck.  You turn away, as she silently counts the cards so she knows how many she has.  She hides her cards.  You turn back, and using just your sense of feel, "weigh" the remainder of the deck in you hand.    You turn away again, and ask her to put her cards back on top of the deck.   Now you turn back to her, and ask her to cut a smaller number of cards from the deck.  She does.  "So you would need more cards to equal your origianl number, right?"  Now, without any tricky moves, you cut a packet from the deck and place it on the small packet she cut.    She counts these cards and finds it is precisely the number of cards she originally cut.

Most of the effects have a similar theme of highly attuned fingertip sensitivity, etc.   

 In very good condition, tight and unmarked -- but some visible shop-wear on cover and around the edges.

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