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KRAUS, Trick Technics (1974, 1st ed.)

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TRICK TECHNICS by Richard G. Kraus  (paper staple bound, excellent condition, Paul Diamond publisher) 1974, 1st edition.   23 pages    Book # 4.5 in the Paul Diamond "Gems of Magic Series"

Not sure why Paul Diamond only gave this book the number of "4.5" in his Gems of Magic series.  He had published four booklets in the series prior to this one, so why not #5?  Maybe because it is only 20 pages long.   Well, we may never know, but since Paul decided it was #4.5, that is what is is and forever shall be.

This booklet has a couple of really neat items, and then it also has some less interesting.  So if you buy this, just be aware, you probably will pass on some of the items.  You will probably try "Wrist Coin Flip", but (if you are like me) you won;t quite understand what the author is trying to explain.  

But you should take the time to learn his Tic Tac Toe routine, in whicih you can play multiple TTT games with spectators without ever looking at the TTT board.  You turn your back, and say things like "put my circle to the right of your last X", etc and you never lose -- you always play to a draw.  You can play this for one spectator, or for multiple spectators at once.  For a mental magic or mentalism show demonstrating untapped powers of the mind, I can see this being a compelling routine.

There's also a nice, simple Okito box routine, where the coin penetrates the box while it sits on and outstretched handkerchief.  The coin falls through the bottom of the box AND the hank.    

And a nice silk color transpo dye tube routine, and interesting handling tip for the cut and restored rope.    

Among the other 6-7 items, you may or may not find anything useful.  But maybe.  And for the four items mentioned above, I think this booklet is a good one to add to your library.

 In excellent condition, tight and as new except for some pencilled price and stock# info on the title page, and price sticker smudge on the cover.

(Oh yeah, this book made me look up the word "Technics", so it also will teach you a new word you may not have known.)

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