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Rabbit Test (Martin Lewis, 1994)

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In 1985, Martin Lewis published this excellent effect in his (equally excellent) book, Martin's Miracles.   But like many packet effects that use cards with special graphics, not many magicians were able to put together a set of the necessary cards, and so this great piece of close-up entertainment did not get as much attention as it deserved.

But... in 1994, Martin partnered with The Cassino Card Company, and together, they put out a nice set of cards and instructions for the trick -- a boon to those who owned Martin;s book and always wished to perform the trick.  And an opportunity for those who had never learned of the trick ten years earlier.

Now here, we are, almost 30 years later, (almost 40 years after the effect first saw print), and it is very hard to find a set of cards for the Rabbit Test routine.  Fear not!  I have one here, unearthed among some ex-dealer inventory -- complete and unused.

The effect: 

 magi shows a packet of four cards, displaying them first on one side -- all blanks -- and then on the other side -- also all blanks.   The packet is given a shake, and a picture of a cute rabbit appears on the face card.   This is placed facedown on the table.   Another shake, and another rabbit appears.  This is also placed facedown on the table.   Another shake, and this time a rabbit appears on each of the remaining two cards.   These are placed with the other two cards, and the four-card packet picked up.   One card is placed facedown on the spectator's hand (or table is you prefer), and the remaining three cards are waved over it.  The spectator looks at the card, and now it has two rabbits on it -- a boy and a girl rabbit, obviously deeply in love.   The remaining three cards are turned faceup to show the fruits of that love -- fifteen little baby rabbits (five on each card).

 Only four cards are used, and the moves involved are both simple and convincing.  (Easily within the reach of any card worker familiar with basic packet trick sleights -- the instructions teach them if you are not familiar with them).   

This trick gets great responses from kids and women, but will also amuse and puzzle the husbands, dads and boyfriends, too.  If you get this, you will use it.      But not easy to find any more, so don't think about it too long...

New-old dealer stock that was never opened, so brand new with instructions, all these years later.   Also includes the original packaging envelope, which does have an old stock number and ancient retail price scribbled on the upper corner in black sharpie.

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