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Penetration Frame (vintage, 1960s, Royal) -- complete

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One of the first "truly great" magic tricks that I got when I began doing magic in 1974, was a Royal Penetration frame.  Although this was a plastic "beginner's" prop, it really fooled the heck out of everyone who saw it.  It was examinable, and easy to do.   I still perform the penetration frame for some of my audiences, though I was lucky enough to get a beautiful brass version of the effect sometime in the 1990s.   But enough about me...  let's talk about the Penetration Frame for sale here:

Because I am such a fan of the Penentration Frame effect, I was really happy to come across this very early example of the Royal Penetration Frame.  This one is dated 1951, but I imagine this was probably from the 1960s.  Maybe 1950s.  (When I got mine in 1974, the packaging was very different from the box containing this frame.)   It is in nice condition -- the plastic "glass" has some internal striation marks, but no true cracks.   The only highly noticeable striation is in the center of the glass, and so this part is covered by a card when the dirty work occurs, so it does not provide any clue to the working.  (If you know how this trick works, you know that a mark or crack on the glass can be a give-away.  But not in this case).     The dark line in the bottom edge of the frame seems to be just color of the plastic -- it is not a crack.

The box is also in very good condition, unmarked and no tears or broken corners.   Also included is the vinyl carrying case which is a bit rough around the edges, but also in good condition.   Finally, original instruction sheet is also included.

A great find for the collector of vintage close-up. 

The effect (just to be thorough in my description):  a plastic frame is shown, and can be examined.  A couple of business cards or playing cards are slipped under the center crossbar, and then a pencil is shoved through the cards and the "glass" of the frame.   Pencil is removed, and cards removed, and frame is unharmed.

CONDITION NOTE:   Previously owned, but in very good condition, with original frame and carry case,  Original instructions and package box also included.

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