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At the Table (Tomas Medina) -- good impromptu stuff

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I like everything I have seen from Tomas Medina -- he has an easy-to-watch style, slightly self-deprecating humor and performs well on all the magic he teaches.   It is a nice change from the under-rehearsed performances on many teaching DVDs by magicians who take themselves more seriously than we do.

On this DVD from Medina, he teaches about a dozen routines (or maybe a few more than a dozen).  All are impromptu, do anywhere, anytime with little or no preparation.   They are all good for doing in restaurants or at the dinner table, hence the DVD's title.   The format of the DVD is Medina out on a date (I guess) with a young lady, for whom he performs the magic.  

Among the best items on the DVD are an excellent adaptation of the Bob Hummer 3 card trick, but using sugar packets and the spectator's name, which turns it into a very memorable effect -- (not just another card trick).   Also a great combined routine of tearing a napkin into four balls for a quick "napkin matrix" effect, then restoring the napkin to a single piece, and then using the napkin to cause a shot glass to disappear.   

Some of the effects you will already know, like Jumping toothpicks, or Coin under the watch, or bouncing a dinner roll.   But Medina teaches a few extra handling tips on these oldies but goodies, and his presentations of them are well worth studying -- you probably will re-look at them in a new light.  (Like a light in which you actually perform them for laypeople and discover they get quite strong reactions!)

Best online price I found today for this DVD was ... well, I couldn't find it available anywhere except one place that wanted $40 for it.  I guess the DVD is not readily available anymore.  But I have a couple in stock, and although you probably will get $40 worth of magic and ideas from this DVD, I would never think of charging so much.  

Still shrink wrapped, brand new.

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