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Coin (or ring) in Nested Pouches

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I originally started using this trick back in the 1980's when Tricks, Co (of Japan) put out their version.  But the Tricks, Co version has been hard or impossible to find for over two decades.  So I was happy to see that a new version, nicely made, was now available.  This one is a bit larger than the original Tricks, Co version, but looks and works great!   

Here's the effect:  a quarter is borrowed and  marked.  It is held in the magi's hand (or can be wrapped in a handkercheif and given to the spectator to hold).  While holding the marked coin in his fist, the magi reaches (with other hand) into his pocket and removes a small black leather coin pouch.  After tapping his closed fist with the pouch, the fist is opened and the coin is gone.  (If you used the old coin in hanky vanish, then the hank would be shook out to show the marked coin has vanished.)   The pouch flap is pulled open, and a second purse is pulled from within.  This is opened to allow a third (smaller) purse to be taken out.  The small purse is opened and a folded hanky is removed.  The spectator can feel a coin inside the hank.  The hank is opened to show the marked coin.

You can also do this with a woman's engagement ring, which is even more powerful for the right audience.    

Great aspect of this version of the classic coin in nest:  there is no extra gimmick.  The purses do all the dirty work!  And they are not gimmicked, so spectators can handle and examine the purses.    Get this and you will use it a lot!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the instructions provided with this trick are horrible.  You will not know how to properly perform it if you do not have better instructions.   So I will include a copy of the original Tricks Co instructions for you -- they are detailed, clear, and allow you to actually learn and perform this trick!   

Brand new with instructions -- the lousy ones that the manufacturer provides, and the excellent ones that I will give you instead. 

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