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Cupid`s Arrow -- memorable and romantic

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A prop that audience's will remember and like to look at, and it is used in a version of the classic Anniversary Waltz routine.  Two lover's select cards, sign them, and they are lost in the deck.  (One lover signs the face of her card, and the other lover signs the back of his card).    The Cupid's arrow is stabbed through the deck, and emerges with one of the cards impaled on the arrow.  But the climax comes when the card is turned over and the other signature is on the back -- it has jumped from one card onto another.   Ah, togetherness!  Cupid's arrow has brought the lover's together.  Leave them with an inseparable souvenir card.

Neat idea that you could also perform with a regular knife or other stabbing device -- the wooden arrow prop is not gimmicked.    No deck included -- use your own.

New, not previously owned -- from old dealer inventory obtained in a closeout.

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