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Psycho Gravity--TENYO T-269 -- kinetic mindreading wheel

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This is one of those Tenyo items that I wish was less complicated, but on the other hand, the effect is relatively simple -- it's the method that takes a bit of learning.  So from the audience's viewpoint, it is a weird and memorable effect.

In a nutshell, a small wheel (a sort of fat little disc) is rolled down a small plexi ramp, and it stops along the way, defying gravity.   This is combined with the revelation of a spectator's secret thought.    

You show the plexi ramp, and write four famous cities on the ramp, one in each of four sections of the ramp.  The spectator thinks of a city, and using the dry-erase marker, she puts a dot on the edge of the ramp next to her chosen city.   This is done while you look away and then it is covered with a piece of paper.   You turn back to the ramp, place a small riser under one end to lift the ramp, and then place the wheel on the top.   You let it go, and the wheel slowly rolls down the ramp.  But it stops on one city -- the very city she was thinking of.

Because you write on the ramp with dry erase marker, you can theme your presentation to any four objects or names or whatever.    I sometimes perform this without any of the "divination" elements.  Simply showing that the wheel can be made to defy gravity if enough people will concentrate on stopping it.

I mentioned the method being complicated.  It does involve some preparation and getting a good sense of how the wheel works.  But once you have set it up, and have it ready to go, it is actually fairly easy to perform.    

Comes with package and instructions  in Japanese --  English instruction sheets are available on a free download

Brand new and unused, sealed in original package


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