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Symbol-tekel Deck -- easy design divination

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I wrestled with what to call this item -- it's a Menetekel deck, but using paired symbol cards instead of playing cards.  Symbol-tekel, or Mene-Symbol deck.  Either way it is a good item.  

But like many magic items that distributors bring in from China, the instructions included are not very good.  Bad, in fact.   

(If you happen to buy this item elsewhere, you probably will end up not using it, which is a shame, because it can be used to drop jaws, if you have a good routine and handling.)

So I will include a good routine and handling.  No, a GREAT routine and handling.   No.  TWO great routines and handlings.   Ones that I use all the time in my own professional performances.

#1   You show a deck of 42 different symbol/pictogram cards.  The cards have plain black backs (precluding any secret markings).  The deck is riffle shuffled and the spectator cuts it a few times, then she takes the top card, and looks at it.  The magi-mentalist instantly divines the picture/symbol she is thinking of -- no fishing, no misses, no problem.   Then he immediately repeats the effect, and this time, however, not even the spectator looks at her card.  No one knows its identity, but using clairvoyance, the mentalist names (or draws) the hidden, unseen symbol.    Great for table hopping  and walk-around because the deck instantly resets.  

#2  A stand-up routine:  show the symbol cards, and shuffle them a few times.   Set the deck facedown in you hand and walk to one spectator who cuts about a third of the pack and holds the face of his packet against his chest.  Walk to another spectator, who also cuts off a packet and hides the face symbol.   Then go to a third spectator for a final cut packet, with a hidden symbol.   You can easily divine all three symbols, with no fishing or problems.    If you do a little extra work and set up, you can even have a prediction of the final symbol!

NOTE:   these routines are from my own working repertoire, and I have written up detailed instructions for both of them, along with other handling tips for using this powerful deck.   You only get this special 6-page instruction sheets when you buy this item from TMGS.    If you buy elsewhere, you will get a 1/2 page of poorly written instructions.  You have been warned.

NOTE #2:  the cards need to treated with fanning powder to make them easy to handle.  So I will also pre-treat the cards with powder before I send the deck to you.   I do not want to sell you props that are hard to use.


Excellent mental magic.   New and unused, with exclusive TMGS instructions.


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