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ASTOR Card Epic -- nice props, clean handling

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As with almost everything put out by Astor, the props are top-notch, and also the prices are pretty top-notch also.   Most Astor items cost a bit more than I think they should, and maybe this one does also.  But this one (Card Epic) is  very well-routined, and does come with beautifully printed (numbered) dry erasable cards for making your predictions, and the effect is powerful for lay audiences.  (The clever handling of the prediction cards will also fool some magicians who are well versed in the principle used for the effect).  

So maybe this one isn't so expensive after all.

You show three numbered white cards (1, 2, and 3) and make a prediction on #1.  The spectator chooses ANY card and places it faceup on the table.  You make a prediction on card #2, and again the spectator chooses a card (again, nothing tricky here) and places it face up on the table.  Finally, you make a prediction on #3 card, and this time you want to do something twice as hard, so the spectator cuts the deck, and the two cards cut to are placed on the table.    You cleanly deal the numbered predictions next to their respective card choices.  And they are turned over to show they match 100%.  You have predicted all four cards exactly.

It is the very clean and convincing handling as each prediction is written on the numbered cards which lifts this routine above other versions of the same effect, using the same principle.

Comes with everything you need, except your own regular deck of cards.    

Brand new and unused.

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