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Damasuda Deck (Katsuya Masuda, ATTO Japan)

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Sort of a weird one, but I am getting used to these very innovative and weird ideas that come from Japanese magicians -- they are always thinking outside the box, and Katsuya Masuda is usually further outside the box than anyone else over there.  :-)

Not sure what the name Damasuda Deck means, but the effect is this:    a card is selected from the deck (let's say it is the AH).   It is lost in the deck, and with the deck held between your hands, you give it a shake and the chosen AH turns faceup instantly.  The spectators see this because it also turns sideways in the deck instantly.  It just looks like the AH appears sideways in the deck.

(To help you understand how amazing this looks, I'll tell you that the deck is held squared in mechanics grip for most of the handling, no breaks or jogs.  Then one hand takes the squared deck from above at the fingertips.  The other hand comes near the deck and the two hands give a shake.  The card appears sideways and faceup.)

For me, that is cool enough.  The routine continues, as the magi squares up the sideways reversed AH, and then says it was all a dream, the Ace never turned over.  The deck is spread faceup and the Ace is no longer reversed -- but it is the only card that is not a 4 of Spades!

I personally think that extra "all the same cards" effect is an anti-climax.  You can use the Damasuda gimmick with a regular deck, and so you can do the cool sideways reversal and be done with it.  Or maybe you like all the same cards at the end.  But either way, the Damasuda reverse is a fooler when done well.

The gimmick card does most of the work for you, but practice is needed to get used to handling the deck with the gimmick.

 Original ATTO custom made gimmick -- beware of inferior copies of this item that will wear out quickly and not work as well.

Opened for inspection and review, but otherwise brand new, with instructions.

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