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Progressive Pointer -- new handling for Goldstein classic

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Phil Goldstein created and marketed his excellent packet effect “Pointer" over 40 years ago.     Recently, in a mixed lot of ex-magic dealer inventory, I found a few of these card sets, which include all the cards necessary to perform Goldstein’s Pointer.  But not only were the card sets without instructions, I am pretty sure it is not an authorized re-make of Pointer.  So rather than provide a photocopy of Goldstein’s routine (which would not be fair to him), I have written up instructions for the handling I have used for many years when performing Pointer.   It uses the same set of cards but for a slightly different effect, in which the arrows turn around, one at a time, and then change color, one at a time.   Because arrows in the packet change direction and color one at a time, I call it Progressive Pointer.     (Of course, if you are familiar with Goldstein’s original routine, you can also use these cards for that handling.)

The effect looks like this:    

magi shows a packet of facedown cards, turns one faceup showing it has a red arrow on the face.  This card is turned facedown and dealt to the table facedown.   The remaining four cards are turned faceup and also have red arrows on the faces.   All arrows point the same way.  Magi turns one around, and then counts through the packet to show each of the four cards.  Magically, another arrow has turned around -- two point toward the spectator, and two point to the magi.   Magi counts the cards again, and another arrow has turned -- now three point to the spectator, and only one to the magi.   Warning the spectator to watch the final arrow turn, he counts the cards again.  This time the last arrow turns... but not around.  It turns a different color -- green.     

Then as the packet is counted again, there are two green arrows, and two red.  Count the packet again, now three green arrows and one red.  The red arrow is turned facedown and handed to the spectator.  When she turns it faceup, it is also green now.  Magic shows the four green arrows, and then admits he is not worried about losing the red arrows -- he has lots of "spares".   The card that was put facedown on the table in the very beginning is turned faceup to show 8 baby arrows -- 4 red, 4 green.

Packet can be reset in about 2 seconds, right in front of the spectators.  So perfect for walk-around gigs.     The routine above, taught in the exclusive TMGS instructions, can be done by anyone with knowledge of basic packet magic card sleights. 

Cards are poker size, with Bicycle back design.   NOTE:  they are not printed by the US Playing Card Company.  Card stock is a bit lower quality than USPCC stock, but the cards do handle well for all the necessary counts and sleights.     

  Brand new with exclusive TMGS instructions for my personal handling of Pointer -- Progressive Pointer.

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