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The L.F. monte -- risque card magic

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Okay, if you buy this, you have to promise that you will use it responsibly.  Do NOT include it in your kidshow, or as the finale for your gospel magic act.  In fact, do not perform it for anybody.    Or if you do, promise to use your good judgment that the audience will not be offended.    Maybe perform the Goshman Magic Ding-Dong for them first, to test the waters  :-)    

 This is the famous "Let's F**k" monte.      It is the simple beginner's method of the 3-card monte, but the climactic card change reveals a card imprinted with the two words "Let's F**k"  (but all the letters are printed, no asterisks).    

Show a fan of three cards, two black court cards, and one red spot card in the middle.  Turn the fan facedown, and ask your spectator if she knows where the spot card is.  She will say in the middle.  Put it facedown on her palm, and  ask her if she is certain about the card on her hand -- give her a hint, by showing the two court cards.  She agrees she is sure about the card on her hand.   Ask her to turn it face up, as you say, "I'm sure about it too.  My place or yours?"

The one time I used my own L.F. monte back in 1986, that was how I performed it.  The spectator was my future wife.   Well, I thought she was going to be my wife.  Haven't seen her again since that fateful performance...     Lesson learned:  Perform at your own risk.

The set also comes with an alternative climax card, showing an ad for Seagram's and 7up.  So you could alter the presentation to be about winning a free drink if she guesses the wrong card.

This appears to be from the 1990's or early 2000's.  No manufacturer name on the instructions.  (I wonder why?)

New and unused, with instruction sheet.      An unusual magical conversation piece, and collectible.

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