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Target Practice (Jay Sankey) -- hole-y wild card

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This effect went into my professional performing repertoire literally the day I learned it.  (By learned, I mean practiced it sufficiently for about a week, and then felt like I had it down cold -- I used it that evening on a gig).   It has all the impact of the the classic Wild Card, but with the added magical effect produced by moving holes.   And since the handling is pretty much the same as the classic Wild Card, you will learn it quickly.

You show seven cards, printed with little concentric-rings ("targets") and each card also has a die-cut hole through it, above the target.   Six cards are shown like this, and one remaining card is seen to have a hole right through the bulls-eye.  This card is used to scopp up the other cards one by one, and each time it comes in contact with one of the "missed shot" cards, the hole on that card magically moves into the bullseye!   In the end, you have seven bullseyes.   It is really magical to see.

This effect is still available if you look around, a newer version with a DVD to instruct you, but the set for sale here was issued by Elmwood prior to the DVD instructions craze.  It has clearly written paper instructions -- remember those?  Those very convenient things that made learning magic a more thoughtful and creative process?

I'll sell this set for a few bucks less than what I see the newer version with DVD selling for.    Get this.  I promise you will really like it a Lot!

Brand new with written instructions.

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