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Whispers (John Mendoza) -- from his Pro Series

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This is a really strong routine from Close-up master, John Mendoza.   The booklet is undated, but I think it is from the early 1990's, based on a passing reference to Juan Tamariz' "new" book, Sonata (which was published in 1991).     Also I think early 1990's because of the video quality on the DVD (which is a performance only -- not a teaching DVD.  The booklet teaches everything in great detail, but you have to read if you want to learn this routine!)

Mendoza takes the classic Jerry Sadowitz effect, The Whispering Queens, and re-works it to not only enhance the power of the original effect, but also to add a killer kicker.  If you buy this, watch the performance DVD first, so you can enjoy the effectiveness of this surprise climax.  It will catch you way off guard.   (There are also a few You Tube demo's of this, if you want to see the effect -- best to find the one by Mendoza, but even those performed with less finesse show how deceptive and strong this routine is)

The effect:  

Three spectators each choose a card, which are placed facedown on the table.   Four Queens are removed from the deck, shown, and held as a packet by the magician.  He places the packet of queens faceup onto one of the selected cards, lifts everything to his ear, and the Queens "whisper" the name of the selected card.  The packet is turned over to confirm the selected card is as named.  Then the selected card is dealt to the table facedown again.    This is repeated with the next two selections, but without lifting to the ear, since spectators may believe you somehow peeked at the selection.   Each selected card reveal is stroinger than the last.   With all three selections facedown on the table, one of the Queens is taken from the four card packet in your hand, and using it as a magic wand, the magi taps the three selections.  The "wand" queen is set facedown on the table.   But when the remaining three Queens in your hand are shown, they have changed into the selected cards.  You draw attention to the four facedown cards on the table...

Okay, I'm gonna stop there, because I don't want to give away the surprise finish.   It is not what you think.   :-)

Mendoza has always been a good teacher, and as you can see from some of the photos of text in the booklet he gives both details about the routine, and also philosophies relevant to all close-up magic.    The booklet is nicely illustrated.    No gaffed cards, do this routine with any deck at any time.    

This booklet is labeled as part of Mendoza's Professional Magic series, which I don;t think ever had a second installment.  Too bad, as this first installment definitely lives up to that name.

The booklet also contains a bonus routine called Four times Three, which is another take on a similar effect.  But frankly, Whispers is so good, that I never bothered to learn the bonus routine.    

Brand new and unused, with booklet and perfromance-only DVD.

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