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Peking Revelation (Sid Lorraine / D. Knight)

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In Devin Knight's introductory comments about this trick, he says "some of the old timers will remember this one".   Ouch!  Oh well, I guess I am getting up there in years.  And I do remember getting this from Abbott's back in the 1970's.  (Back then, I think it was simply called "Chinese Folder" by Sid Lorraine).

It has long been unavailable from Abbotts, so Knight got the rights to re-issue it.  Good for him.  Because it is a good commercial card routine, that deserves to still be performed.   

The effect:  five cards are selected from the deck, and the magi shows a piece of paper covered with what looks like to be Chinese writing (unless you are Chinese and know what real Chinese writing looks like -- Knight provides a joke to cover the fact that the writing is not really Chinese.)   The paper is then folded into different configurations, and the writing reveals all five different cards.   (You can see a few of them in the photos).   

Comes with one pre-folded sheet, and a template for making color copies so you will never have to buy refills.   One sheet can be used over and over, but it's paper, so it will wear out after a while.  Hence the template for making more.

Knight has updated the original Sid Lorraine patter, which he admits was outdated and politically incorrect.    Some audiences may even feel that Knight's updated patter has a few P.I. moments...  I leave that judgment up to you.      But the effect is strong enough with or without the (perhaps questionable) jokes.

When I use this trick in my own shows, I don't go for the cheap laughs punning on silly Chinese names.  I just play it fairly straight as an amazing reveal of five "freely" selected cards.   (I even "aged" my Chinese paper with some weak tea.)   Never forget that to lay audiences, being able to reveal five different selected cards is a very amazing thing.   And to do it with a folded piece of paper really kills them!   In my presentation, I try to give the impression that I could fold the name of ANY card.   

   Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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