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Division (Luke Dancy) -- 2-for-1 transpo

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 Luke Dancy has used a specific method of gimmick-ing cards to create some very effective card magic.  Division is another one of these gems.  Because of the simple secret something (that Dancy often uses), the magical effect is strengthen while it is also made easier to perform!  What more could you ask for, right?

It is very clean, so let me describe exactly how it looks:   you take two Jokers from a red Bicycle deck, and cleanly show them.  They are squared and placed facedown on the table.  The spectator chooses a card from the deck (let's say the 9H), and you place it into the center.  With no cuts or other changes to the deck, you snap your fingers and turn over the top card.  It is the 9H.  Then to climax the routine, and totally blow the minds of anyone watching, you snap the 9H and it turns into two jokers.   Then with no moves or trickery, you show there is only ONE card on the table -- you turn it over to show the 9H is now over there.

What "bad" can I say about this one?  OK, well, there are some gimmicked cards involved which are in play at the end of the trick.  So the spectator cannot examine the Jokers or the 9H at the end.  But it is pretty simple to put the 9H back in the deck, and then say you don;t need the Jokers for any other tricks, put the jokers in your pocket (along with the gimmicked 9H, hidden behind them).  You are now left with a regular, full deck.

New and unused, with instruction sheet.   Red backed Bicycle Rider poker cards, to use with your matching deck.  (No deck included).

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