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Ultra Collectors (Don England)

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I first started learning versions of the Collectors card plot back in about 1980, when I discovered Jon Racherbaumer's Heirophant issue that was dedicated to this neat card effect (originally conceived by Roy Walton).    In essence, the Collectors is a multiple sandwich routine.   Three cards selected and lost in the deck magically end up interlaced between four Aces (or Kings or Tens) that were set aside in the beginning.   It is a very impressive effect.
It is not frequently performed because many of the solutions to Collectors require a lot of handling and moves.  But there are a few very clean and (apparently) moveless versions of the effect, and Don England's Ultra Collectors is one of them.
It looks exactly like this:   Four tens are spread on the face of the deck, lifted off and tabled faceup.    The spectator cuts the deck to a card (let's say the 3C), and the spectator inserts this selected card faceup into the middle of the deck.  The two facedown cards on each side of the 3C are also turned faceup, and represent the second and third selections.  (Lets say these two cards are the KH and the 6D).   Next, the magi shows the KH and then inserts it facedown into the facedown deck.  He then does the same with the remaining two selections, the 6D and the 3C.    At this point, the deck is shown all around, no breaks or funny business -- the magi can even give the deck a shuffle or two.  Now, the magi points to the four tens (which remember, are faceup on the table, in a small four card spread, so they can be easily seen to be just four tens).   Holding the facedown deck, the magi picks up the four faceup tens, and sets them on top of the facedown deck.  INSTANTLY, he spreads the top seven cards of the deck -- they are the four faceup tens with three facedown cards interspersed between them.  These seven cards (yes, really only seven) are placed on the table in a spread, and the spread is flipped over to reveal the facedown cards.  They are the three selected cards.  These selections are pulled out, and the spectator can pick up the four tens herself -- there's nothing else to find.
The moment the selections appear in-between the Tens is simply awesome.  It looks like real magic. 
A single gaffed card does most of the work (along with one well-known insertion move credited to both Vernon and Marlo, but easy to do).   I couldn't show the card gaff in the photo without exposing it, so chose to just show the blue Bicycle back only.  (You will need to perform this effect with a Blue backed deck.)
Brand new with instructions.
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