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Its All Done with Mirrors -- with bonus TMGS routine

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A fun packet effect, relatively easy to do, and plays on the lay audience's familiarity with the classic (and most laypeople think very common) magical method of using mirrors.    In essence it is a simple "touch turn" or "twisting" effect.   You show four of a kind, and one by one, each suit magically turns facedown, and then turns faceup again.  Throughout this process, the audience sees that the cards have blue backs.   But the packet is passed through the fist, and the backs change to mirrors!  And in fact, the faces also change to mirrors.

(Card values are assorted -- the four of a kind you receive may not be the same as the picture.)

NOTE:   The instructions that come with the routine include a couple of very weird discrepancies, and so I re-worked the handling, and will include a bonus set of TMGS instructions when you get this item from us.   This TMGS alternative routine is just as easy to do, and eliminates those moments where the spectator might see something that is sorta fishy.   

The other good reason to buy this trick from TMGS is that we'll put a little fanning powder on the cards for you.  The mirror backs add some friction to the cards, and without fanning powder, you will find it difficult to perform this effect.  So we'll treat the cards and you will be able to actually do the trick.  (What a concept!  Maybe other magic dealers should consider this...) 

Brand new and unused, pre-powdered for easy handling, with bonus TMGS instructions.

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