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Magic Window --incredible divination prop, circa 1970

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For about 30 years, I have had one of these in my collection, and I have used it to explode the brains of certain highly analytical spectators and friends.  Because for the right audience, this thing absolutely stretches the boundaries of what they believe possible.   (That said, I will admit that for other audiences, they will be puzzled but not really see it as mind-blowing -- just puzzling.)

I had never seen another one of these, until recently I came across one in an estate lot (without instructions).   Since it is impossible to understand how to use without the instructions, I have photocopied my instruction sheet, to include it with this one for sale.

So what the heck is it?   
Well, it seems to be an advertising giveaway from the early to mid-1970's.  It consists of just five 3.5 x 8 inch cards (printed on thin, stiff board).  With just these five cards, you can discover ALL of the following secret thoughts of a spectator:  a freely thought of card (even the Joker), a freely thought of US state, a freely thought of number from 1 to 99.   Over 200 different possible thoughts, and only five cards?

You ask the spectator to think of any number from 1-99, and then you place Card A (the magic window card) onto the table.  You now show the spectator each of the remaining four cards, which each have a grid of 99 numbers on them, the numbers printed in various colors.  The spectator tells you the Color (not value) of her number on each of the four cards, as you stack them onto the Magic Window card.   Upon picking up the stack of cards, you turn over the stack, and the thought of number is showing in the window.
You can repeat this with another number, or now repeat it with them thinking of any US state.  Same process -- each card has a grid of the fifty US states, printed in various colors.  She tells you the color of her state on each card, and when the stack is shown, the name of her state is in the window  (see photo, showing Washington in the stacked window).
Repeat with another state if you want, or now repeat with a playing card.  

It always works, and can be repeated for as long as your spectator's brain withstands the imminent explosion!

Each of the four non-window cards has three grids -- one of numbers, one of states, and one of playing cards.   NOTE: all cards are placed in the stack every time.  And yet, over 200 different results can show in the Magic window.

I could not find anything on the Stull Development Company that issued this little gem -- nor could I find anything out about the prop itself.  But I am glad I could unite this nice example of the props with a copy of the instructions, and so someone other than me can have fun with this incredible vintage item

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