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Russian Roulette (Terry Lagerould)

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I have been performing Emerson and West's classic 8-ball packet trick since the 1970's.  There have been a number of other versions of the 8-ball effect, notably Nick Trost's excellent Bigfoot.  And here is another good variation on the plot, by Terry LaGerould.   Instead of the 8 balls or footprints, LaGerould amps up the danger element, since his cards show pictures of bullets.  These are used for a Russian Roulette patter.

If you are unfamiliar with the plot of this trick, here is how it goes:  magi shows a packet of 6 cards, (poker sized) which have blank backs and faces, except for one card which has a bullet pictured on the face.   The bullet card is lost among the blanks and the spectator "chooses any chamber" (i.e. card) in this six shooter gun (the packet).  The spectator unfortunately gets the bullet!  This is repeated with another spectator, who also gets the bullet.  The magi tells of a third participant, who found the bullet and secretly hid it before making his choice.  The bullet is set aside on the table facedown.   But when the third spectator now chooses a chamber, she also gets a bullet.  The card on the table is seen to be blank.   The big finish comes when the other five cards are shown to have bullets printed on all sides, front and back.

It is a great routine, with audience participation, and funny patter that we have come to expect from the creative and witty Terry Lagerould.

Brand new with instructions. 

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