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Fifth Times the Charm -- fun prediction / revelation

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This effect is from Vincenzo di Fatta in Italy, and it is called Mis Prediction, but I already had a similar trick listed with that name, so I renamed this one "Fifth Time's the Charm" since you apparently fail to correctly predict the selected card four times, but succeed in grand fashion when the fifth prediction is shown.

Audiences love surprise endings, especially if it looks like the magician made a mistake and then the surprise ending vindicates our hero, and restores his standing as an amazing dude!  (Or dude-ess, for you gals doing card tricks!)    This trick is not complicated, but the finish packs a lot of impact.   It is reminiscent of an old favorite of mine, which is Jay Sankey's BIG FINISH trick.

A card is selected (let's say the Queen of diamonds, because it will be...), and then the magician opens his "Prediction" envelope and slides out a card.   But it is wrong.  So he sets it on the table and takes out another prediction card -- again not correct.  Two more tries, and the audience begins to think the magician may try to go through an entire deck of predictions!  But the four cards on the table are pushed together into a rectangle of four faceup cards.  To save his reputation, the magi turns the four cards over, and the backs form a single large card -- the queen of diamonds!   Don't forget to say "Fifth time's the charm!"

Easy to do, but lots of fun and impact, as I said.  A great addition to your close-up card work!

Note:  the four cards supplied are printed on slightly stiff stock, and so they are not going to match your deck exactly.  If you want to remove the four cards from your deck, as if you are searching for the selected card (rather than having them previously put in a prediction envelope), you can do this.  But they will have a different feel than the rest of your deck.  But the spectator never touches them, so not really a problem.  Just letting you know.

Brand new with instructions.  

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