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Magnetic Bill Switching Box

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This is a great utility item for which you will find a lot of possible uses, and I will include a tip sheet with some of my favorites that I use a lot with this Bill Switching box.

You may be familiar with the old Adams Bill Switcher (one of the best SS Adams items ever)...  well, this is very similar, with the added (very important) feature that the gimmick locks in place after the switch.  So it is examinable and can be freely handled by the spectator.

The use is simple:  put a bill in the empty box, close the box and hand it to the spectator.  When she opens it, the bill she finds inside is not the same bill.  Completely self-contained, so easy and worry-free to perform.

The instructions that come with this box detail a pretty obscure use (in my opinion):  they recommend using the box at the end of a bill in lemon routine, to dry out and restore the spectator's lemon-juice soaked bill.  (See.  I told you it was obscure...)   But you will figure out lots of much better ways to use this.  

I will include a page of my own routines with the box, which include a classic torn and restored bill effect.  But there are even more subtle ways to use this, like for a serial number divination of a borrowed bill, for an instant ATM effect where you put a check for $100 in the box, and it turns into a $100 bill.  Or an nifty "monte" style routine if you have 3 or 4 of these great boxes.  It will also work for cards or other flat objects, so there are possibilities for spirit writing, predictions, etc.

Box is slightly longer and wider than US currency, and is made of heavy plastic with a tone-on-tone abstract design on the black exterior.

Brand new with exclusive extra TMGS instruction sheet.  ($10 bill shown in photo is not included, but you knew that!)

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