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Slither (w/ DVD)-- Rob Bromley -- super clean transpo

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 A very innovative card gimmick invented by Rob Bromley, and made by JB Magic.  Mark mason teaches the handling on the included DVD.   The gimmick allows for a super clean and instant transposition of two cards with two other cards.  It looks like this:

Four cards are shown -- two face cards and two spot cards.    The two face cards are each shown and then placed facedown on the table.   The remaining two spot cards are placed face to face, but slightly angle jogged, so that the index corners are clearly visible.  the magi calls attention to the spot card index showing, then turns the faced cards over to show the other spot card index.   The cards are squared and then instantly spread to show they are now the two face cards.  (These cards are seen full face and back, nothing hidden -- they are also handled cleanly and casually)    The two tabled cards are flipped face up and they are now the spot cards.

Blue backed Bicycle gimmicks supplied.     (NOTE:  your cards may differ from those shown in the photo) 

Brand new with DVD instructions.

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