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Disappearing Ink (John Kennedy) -- very different

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This trick is definitely different.  It reminds me of something Lubor Fiedler would create, because both the effect and the method are so off-beat.

You get two routines with this item from John Kennedy, and I will describe the second one, which I like better.   In that routine, you show a uniquely designed pen, where you can see the ink cartridge through a small space in the body of the pen.  You hold the pen up to a black piece of cardboard (supplied) and explain how because the ink cartridge blends in, it looks like the ink cartridge has vanished.  Then you take away the black card and a portion of the cartridge HAS disappeared.  It is definitely gone, and the spectator can look closely at this.  And what seals the mystery is that when you push the pen plunger, the tip of the cartridge still comes out -- somehow, the pen still works even though the middle of the cartridge is gone!

That's the part that I find so Fiedler-esque -- sort of like Tenyo's Invisible Zone, where a section of the pen vanishes, but the ends still seem to be connected.  Similar kind of effect.  

Hard to explain, and if none of that made sense... well, sorry.  But it is such an off-beat trick, you may just have to trust me.  This prop originally sold for about $25-$30, but it is very hard to find them now, and when you do find one for sale, prices range from $30-$40 now.    I'll list this for the low end of that range.

Brand new with instructions.   (The pens came in various colors, so you will get a pen that is not bright pink like the one in the photo -- it is blue)

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