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PSI-Con Ruse (Phil Goldstein)

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Phil Goldstein (aka Max Maven, but you already knew that...) took the classic JAK'S Supersonic effect (and also Slate of Mind effect), and made them "prop-less" with PSI-Con Ruse.   You can perform the exact same effect using just your deck of cards and a borrowed book and pen and paper to write out a prediction.   

Now it is not really prop-less, because you get some very special gimmicks to make this effect possible, but it can appear completely impromptu, which is very impressive.

It looks like this:     after people start talking about psychic phenomena, you offer to try an experiment.   You shuffle your deck of cards, as your host gets you a hardback book, pen and paper.    You ask someone to cut the deck randomly, as you write a prediction and hand it to your host to hold.   The top five cards cut are placed facedown, faces yet unseen, around the edges of the book -- see the picture.    A spectator chooses any card (free choice) and this card is pulled out of the book.  The book is turned over to show the faces of all the other cards, and the selection is slid into the book facedown (still unseen).    NOTE:    at no point is anything switched or out of sight, or handled in anything but the fairest possible manner.     The magi emphasizes that any of the exposed cards might have been chosen, and then he shows that the deck, to emphasize that any of those cards might have been cut out of the deck also.   But only one card was chosen, and it remains unseen.  The spectator holding the prediction opens and reads it -- it says 4 of clubs.    The book is dramatically turned over to reveal the unseen chosen card -- it is the Four of Clubs.

Secret Magic Trivia note:  Goldstein came up with the name "Psi-con Ruse" by making an anagram out of "Supersonic", as an homage to Jaks' Supersonic trick that inspired this one  :-)

You get the necessary gimmicks and online instructions -- use any book.  (You do NOT get the book shown in the photos!)  Use your own blue backed Bicycle Rider deck)     This trick used to come with printed instructions, but now only comes with a link to online instructions.  But if you buy it from me, I will include a photocopy of the original printed instructions also.

Highly recommended. 

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